Nissan GTR

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Car Specifications:

Acceleration:3,7 sec.
Top speed:310 km/h.
Transmission:6 - speed automatic
Design:3,8 litre V6 engine
Maximum Bhp473 hp / 6400 rmp
Tires Front:n/a
Tires Back:n/a
Length:4655 mm
Width:1895 mm
Height:1370 mm
Weight:1750 kg


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Nissan GTR

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Nissan GTR

Superb and undeniably the best performance is what the Nissan GTR all about. This well rounded car is a hundred percent performance vehicle. The latest version of the Nissan GTR is the R35 model which has the basic features similar to the earlier models including the R34, R33 and R32.

If you are the proud owner of Nissan GTR, you must know that this car combines both performance and practical functionality in a way you cannot find in any other car. The company Nissan describes the latest R35 model of the GTR as a sports car which is multi performance based and not just a fast car with numbers looking awesome and inspiring in car magazines.

The Nissan GTR in fact can be summed up as a super car with its speed, violence, noise, stimulation and awe inspiriting visual attraction. Speed of this car is not just when it is going straight. For instance, in the Tsukuba circuit conducted in Japan, the Nissan GTR gave some of the high end and high performing sports car models a run for their money. These include the Gallardo and Porsche cars. A more convincing reference would be that the production model of the GTR clocked the best time on Germany’s Nurburgring. These achievements clearly show GTR is packed with awesome power, ability to corner effectively and brake instantly showing the world that it is equal to any other super car models in performance. 


Owners of the car vouch for it saying it is even better than a super car. This machine can be driven around in any weather conditions be it a snowstorm or just rain. There is enough luggage and passenger space. The engine is so quiet you can actually drive around your neighborhood even at 2 am without waking up anyone.  Having been tested in the most demanding Nurburgring circuit, this machine needs no further recommendation. Safety aspects of this car enable drivers to drive around in the most demanding tracks without any fear.


The R35 GTR can be labeled as a power packed high performance car especially designed for the average driver. While a professional circuit expert would find too many controls taken away by the computer integrated system, an average driver is sure to find this interesting and exciting as they can perform equal to a professional even if they drive only occasionally on tracks. They can have fun dashing down empty and winding roads even as they relax during their weekends or can rush to office with the help of this awesome speed and power packed machine.


With the Nissan GTR R35 model, the company has successfully proved to the world that it is possible to pack into a car technology as well as drivability in a car. Being much heavier than a sports car where they have to compromise on the weight to obtain speed, you can imagine the innovation and advanced technology integrated into this car to make it fast and powerful. Nissan GTR is thus a beast with endearing qualities.

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