The Monster beats solo carry quite a hefty price tag, but according to Dr. Dre, without them, "People aren't hearing all the music." These Monster headphones are the epitome of excellence headphone sound quality. There are both in-ear and over-ear styles in the monster headphones lineup, and both have received rave reviews. But why are the Monster Beats so much better than standard headphones? The answer, it seems, is all in the sound quality.There are many times when standard, cheap quality headphones just aren't allowing you to hear the music the way the artists intended. This is where the Monster Beats Headphones claim to fame comes in. The over-ear headphone design comes in three models: pro, studio, and solo. They are priced at $449.95, $349.95, and $199.95 respectively. The in-ear design comes in quite a few designs, one of the most popular being the tour model, priced at $189.95. Whether in-ear or over-ear, both styles boast some quite amazing specs.The over-ear Monster Beats Headphones are said to "allow you to hear the result of all of the fine tuning that artists do while recording". Basically, they are said to be able to produce sounds with frequencies that cheap dr dre headset have trouble with. The over-ear headphones also incorporate sound-isolation technology. This feature really helps the listener focus in on the music instead of outside distractions like a crying baby sitting a few rows over on a bus. On the Monster Headphones website, the Studio over-ear design has received an average 4.5/5 star review, attesting to their quality.

Latest Supercars

nissan.jpg Nissan GTR
Top speed: 310 km/h.
Acc.: 3,7 sec.
Power: 473 hp
supercars-audi-a4-cabriolet.jpg Audi A4
Top speed: 243 km/h.
Acc.: 7,8 sec.
Power: 220 hp
truck-hummer-h3.jpg Hummer H3
Top speed: n/a
Acc.: 0,0 sec.
Power: n/a
mercedes.jpg Mercedes CL 500
Top speed: 250 km/h.
Acc.: 5,4 sec.
Power: 388 hp
wallpaper-mercedes-cls-550.jpg Mercedes CLK 550
Top speed: n/a
Acc.: 0,0 sec.
Power: n/a

Car Insurance

car insuranceCompare Car insurance
The significance of car insurance is recognized by almost all people these days. Car insurance is not at all a luxury, but an essential thing. As there are more cars on the road, there are more chances for accidents. Car insurance offers a great peace of mind to the owner of the car.

Popular Supercars Models

1. Mercedes SLR 11100
2. Honda Acura 10886
3. Rolls Royce Phantom 10741
4. Ford GT 10004
5. Dodge Viper 9969
6. McLaren F1 9796
7. Ford Mustang 1960-69 9524
8. Bugatti Veyron 6774
9. Koenigsegg 6702
10. Hummer H2 5316
11. Mercedes CLS 5161
12. Audi TT 4853
13. Alfa Romeo Brera 4832
14. Alfa Romeo 159 4637
15. BMW M6 4498
16. BMW 650i 4478
17. Mazda RX-8 4437
18. BMW 325i 4300
19. BMW Z9 4093
20. Porsche Dauer 962 LeMans 4058

Popular Supercars Pictures

1. McLaren F1 13693
2. lamborghini-murcielago-race-car 12016
3. bugatti veyron 11511
4. lamborghini wallpaper 5712
5. Mercedes SLR 5076
6. burnout bugatti veyron 4615
7. ford gt car 3459
8. bmw z9 2977
9. wallpaper ferrari aurea 2524
10. racecar ferrari enzo 2184

Supercars Wallpapers

Celebrity superbabes Superbabes
Pictures of beautiful and sexy celebrities.
supercars Supercars
Wallpapers of fast and cool supercars.
celebrities Celebrities
Pictures and wallpapers of celebrities.
cool cars Cool Cars
Pictures of exotic supercars.
carbabes Carbabes
Pictures of the most wanted and desirable hotties.

Car Loan

car loan Car Loans
Nowadays, buying a car of your choice is no more a dream. You need not use your savings account to go for your favorite car. Car loans are offered by numerous sources at competitive rates. However, it is an overwhelming task to figure out the best car loan deal, as the market is fiercely competitive.

Supercars Articles

Dodge Chargers - Supercars While some manufacturers can do no right, others can do no wrong, and Chrysler seems to be the latter right now. The 300 sedan is as hot as four-alarm chili, and the word HEMI has people genuflecting... Audi A6 3.2 Quattro - Supercars Now I'm not one to recommend anyone getting plastic surgery, but, man, Audi's new-for-2005 A6 is quite a nice job. It's also a lot bigger. Big improvements in both handling and ride result from incre...

Supercars Poll

Which one of these is important for a supercar?
Power/weight ratio
The image
0-60 mph
The brakes
The Package

Cool Supercars Wallpapers

bmw m5
audi r8
corvette c6 lingenfelter
2009 ford mustang
porsche cayman s
2009 ferrari california
aston martin racing car

Car Loans

Car loans are a loan or loans given to the borrower by a financial institution, bank, Credit Company or even an individual. Rate of interest varies with different lenders and different schemes. When you decide on purchasing a car, gauge your financial position. If you have enough cash on hand but already paying too many other installments, think about buying the car as an outright purchase. This is because, your credit rating is bound to be low and thereby the interest rate offered to you will be high. Money never comes cheap. Car loans are excellent options for people who have good earnings and good credit rating but no considerable savings. Another aspect to be considered is to look for a financier who is a car finance provider. Brokers or middlemen also help you locate a financier or a bank offering low interest rates without any hidden clause. This will make your loan cheaper. One of the excellent methods of getting a low interest car loans is to go in for a secured loan. Unsecured loan attract more rate of interest and a longer repayment period.
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